3.0.10 Milestone Update, Core Improvements, Preparing for AI, Onboarding, Property Portals and Tasks Card

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that its been the longest period between updates since we started with version 3.0.1 back in June this year. Now we hit our first milestone update (the 10th update in this version), we have taken the opportunity to strengthen the core further to support some new projects we are still working on behind the scenes.

Whilst this update may not be feature reach as far as new services go, it does have several core improvements as well as design/function updates along the way.


We appreciate that current users will not care too much about the features for new customers signing up to Proptimise. The features of our onboarding section are designed to make the signup and setup firstly free, with no cost, and secondly simple to use to make it easy for new customers to join and @shiva has certainly delivered on that.

Configuring a new profile for your Estate Agency or Letting Agency activity has now been completely automated within Proptimise based on the details you provide. From setting up your branding on emails, window cards and brochures to refining the settings of your Integrations. The whole Onboarding setup process can be completed in just a few minutes, meaning you can start using Proptimise as your agency software platform almost straight away, hassle free.

Overall, I am sure you will agree that our Onboarding is now a smooth simple flow designed to quick and easy for any to setup a complete company profile in just a couple of minutes. All you will need are your company details, user details, billing information and any the details required to setup the Integrations that you use to get started.

Proptimise Core Improvements

To keep delivering new services and products, its vital we take the opportunity to ensure the core is as strong as ever. Over the past few weeks we have been busy bringing you feature rich updates but all of these things have a toll on the system, if they are not maintained regularly.

  • Blank settings tab removed when adding a property @archie
  • You can now add a property directly inside a contact record by clicking the “+” button @arhcie
  • Minor bug fixes inside the Diary in preparation for ical and calendar sync @archie
  • More filters added for both Sales and Lettings applicants to further refine the Property search @shiva
  • Allowed the option to Check In and Check Out Property Keys using Proptimise @shiva
  • New users will need to verify their email address before they can use the system @shiva
  • You can now delete an old user and log them out as part of deleting them from all places @shiva
  • You can now search for users by email address (their login ID) @shiva
  • Preparations for AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning @jezza and @archie
  • We have now enabled clickable links from with cards. @shiva
  • Additional settings applied to the TextMagic integration @archie

Loqate Integration

Proptimise has used Loqate to easily find property addresses within the system since it started. It was a hardcoded integration which were available to you on a pay per lookup basis.

As of 3.0.10, new users of Proptimise will require their own account to use the address finder verification tool and any other service from Loqate. This means you will now need to craete your own account with Loqate and add your api credentials from Loqate to Proptimise.

If you do not have the Louate integration added, you will not be able to search for addresses using this method. You will be offered the manual method. Please note that this may affect the geolocation proportion of the property setup as Proptimise takes the location data from the Loqate API as well as the Google Maps Integration.

Loqate offer a range of features. These include email verification, telephone verification and even data cleansing services. Some of these features are pretty cool and by making this change now, we can deliver these features to you in the coming editions.

Portals Update

As we look to introduce the new property portal Homesearch, we have taken the time to revisit some of the other portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket.

For Rightmove, we have added their cool feature of property statistics. Now you can see the amount of times the property has appeared in search results and the property has been clicked on.

For both Rightmove and Zoopla, we have allowed the option to retrieve lead information such as viewings, property detail requests, valuation and general enquiries.

Subject to testing of your property data by the portals, these are now ready to be enabled inside the tools, integrations area of Proptimise.

Tasks Card

We are really excited about this next item in the update. Our new Tasks Card.

Tasks has always been something which was directly managed either in the users Tasks dashboard or inside the respective property or contacts timeline. Thanks to @shiva and @visu, we have now created a handy new card for your dashboards.

Remaining in the cards eco system, we have enabled a card which can be filtered based on criteria relevant to you.


Now you can add, action or even edit tasks from any Cards Dashboard.

If you have an Integration or service provider which offers an Open API, please use our community to recommend and suggest new partners. The requests with the most votes or likes will be picked to work on by our team who are always happy to discuss any of the features they have worked on.

Other noteworthy changes

  • SQL server update has been completed by @ajeetmishra.
  • Design updates @visu
  • Design updates to mobile and tablet views @visu

If you need help… …don’t hesitate to use our community pages to join us for a little chat. Experiencing issues introduced by this release? Please report them via our ticketing system which is monitored by our online 24/7 chat

@Proptimise this is an awesome update, just had a chance to go through and look at all the new features. Loving the tasks update on overview (although my negs are not as keen smiley:
Looking forward to the next one